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Concrete Technology-Concrete Construction-Cold Weather Concreting. Weather conditions at a jobsite – hot or cold, windy or calm, dry or humid – may be vastly different from the optimum conditions assumed at the time a concrete mix is specified, designed, or selected – or from laboratory conditions in which concrete specimens are stored and tested.

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Hence the need to understand HOT WEATHER CONCRETING especially with respect to tropical and dry regions of our country. Hot weather may be defined as any period of high temperature in which special precautions need to be taken to ensure proper

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Mar 11, 2020 · To protect yourself in a thunderstorm, seek shelter in a building like a house or shop. If you can't, take shelter in a car with metal sides, since if it's struck by lightning the electricity will be conducted through the metal. In a situation where you can't get inside, find an area of low elevation to reduce the likelihood of a lightning strike.

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Jan 31, 2017 · Pouring concrete in hot weather is a tricky endeavor. We all know that summer is the ideal time for construction projects. Managers and crews begin the season eager to maximize the longer daylight hours and the warmer weather.

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Precautions to be taken during Construction of New

instructions regarding precautions to be taken during Construction of New Buildings. In all the contracts for Building and Road works, the IRUS Specifications are adopted as the basic document and Additional Specifications are ...

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By taking certain precautions, you can pour concrete in the winter. For concrete to set properly & harden, a chemical reaction called hydration (also known as the curing process) must take place, which consists of the chemicals in the concrete reacting with water to bind together the mixture. In order for hydration to occur, the temperature of ...

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2008/09/23 · Special precautions are required to be taken so as to ascertain the desired qualities of the cast structures in such conditions. EFFECTS OF HOT WEATHER ON CONCRETE Before analyzing the remedial measures that one should take while carrying out concreting in extreme hot weather conditions, let us first try to understand what effects the hot weather …

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Things to Consider about Hot Weather Concreting. The precautions required to ensure a quality end product will vary depending on the actual conditions during concrete placement and the specific application for which the concrete will be used.

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Precautions in hot weather concreting: To control the high concrete temperature following steps may be taken: Schedule concreting. The concrete can be scheduled to time when the temperature is not high e.g. in summer it can be schedule to night or early morning.

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We wait until the rains stops before pour the concrete. Otherwise it mighy affect concrete quality, since rainwater can mess up concrete mix ratio. In my country, rainy season began in September all the way to February.

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For concreting in hot weather, ACI Standard 305R "Hot Weather Concreting" and the "CIRIA and Concrete Society’s “Guide to the construction of reinforced concrete in the Arabian Peninsular”. and its recommendations shall be followed and various mea...

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The use of liquid nitrogen is one option to reduce concrete’s temperature during hot-weather concreting. The precautions required to ensure a quality end product will vary depending on the actual conditions during concrete placement and the specific application for which the concrete will be used.

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Extreme heat is a prolonged period of very hot weather, which may include high humidity. In Massachusetts, a “heat wave” is usually defined as a period of three or more consecutive days above 90 °F. Extreme heat can be dangerous and even life-threatening if proper precautions are not taken. In ...

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Because of the detrimental effects of high concrete temperatures, operations in hot weather should be directed toward keeping the concrete as cool as is practicable. PREPARATION BEFORE CONCRETING. Before concrete is placed, certain precautions should be taken during hot weather to maintain or reduce concrete temperatures.

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2014/10/29 · Hot Weather Concreting Concrete work in hot weather brings some challenges. Learn what they are and how to overcome them. By Bill Palmer, Concrete Network Columnist Man, it's hot outside! You may be able to ...

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Sep 12, 2019 · With the year being the hottest on record, those of us who exercise and run must be more aware of how to take precautions in the heat. Runners don’t want to interrupt their training or regular workouts just because it’s summer, and even though the average runner is healthier than most people, it can be dangerous to run in the heat.

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Hot Weather Precautions Severe heat may cause illness or even death. When temperatures rise to extreme highs, reduce risks by taking the following precautions. Hot weather precautions to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke Stay indoors and in an air-conditioned environment as much as

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Controlling the moisture content and the temperature of the new concrete for the first several days through curing take top priority. By giving concrete mix extra attention during this period ...


2015/04/23 · Effect of Extreme Weather on Concrete Concrete is not recommended to be placed at a temperature above 400C and below 50C without proper precaution as laid down in IS: 7861 (Part-1 or part-2 as the case may be). IS:7861 part-1 deals with hot weather concreting and Part-2 deals with cold weather concreting. Hot Weather Concreting …

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1 day ago · Facing multiple problems because of COVID-19 complicating both Ramazan and the normal hot weather turning into a heat wave, we cannot forget that we are further in …

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High summer temperatures, low humidity, direct sunlight, high concrete temperatures and even modest wind velocity can cause concrete surface cracking (plastic shrinkage cracks). There are several easy steps that should be taken to reduce shrinkage cracking and to improve placement characteristics in hot, dry, or windy conditions.

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2018/02/19 · Hot Weather Concreting Practices for Concrete Producers Share February 19, 2018 by GCP Applied Technologies Concrete producers are well aware of the difficulty of delivering, handling, placing, finishing and curing concrete ...


of hot weather conditions on the properties of concrete, and the precautions that should be taken, particularly with flatwork, to minimize any potential adverse effects when placing concrete under these conditions. WHAT IS HOT WEATHER? For the purposes of

what is meant by mass concrete and what precautions are to be

14 Construction joints should be given in concrete work after each stoppage of work. 15 Contraction joints should be given where required according to the need of the structure. 16 Concrete work should be suspended during excessively hot, cold or rainy weather 17 Finishing of the concrete surface should be done as desired for mass concrete.

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slabs or walls are placed on a hot day followed by a cool night. High temperature also accelerates cement hydration and contributes to the potential for thermal cracking in thicker concrete sections. HOW to Concrete in Hot Weather? The key to successful hot weather concreting is: 1. Recognizing the factors that affect concrete; and 2.


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Apr 23, 2015 · Any concreting operation done at a temperature below 5 0 C is termed as cold weather concreting. IS: 7861 (Part-2) recommends special precautions to be taken during cold weather concreting. In the absence of special precautions, the effect of cold weather concreting may be as follows: A) Delayed Setting

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Precautions to be Taken During Hot Weather Concreting: Proportioning of Concrete Mix. As far as possible, cement with lower heat of hydration should be preferred to those having greater fineness and heat of hydration. The mix should be designed to have minimum cement content consistent with other functional requirements.

Precautions To Take When Pouring Concrete This Winter

Precautions To Take When Pouring Concrete This Winter. Posted on 17th September 2019 by Ever Readymix Concrete. Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather. As we approach winter, it’s important to consider how the colder temperatures might affect construction projects.

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Jul 22, 2019 · Concrete poured in hot weather, low humidity, or high wind can suffer adverse effects if proper adjustments are not made to the process. Any time hot and/or dry conditions are present when pouring concrete, it is important to schedule the work during the coolest part of the day, if possible, and to have plans in place to keep the concrete cool.

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Prepare for Extreme Heat

Heat is the number one weather-related killer. Heat kills by pushing the human body beyond its limits. In extreme heat and high humidity, evaporation is slowed and the body must work extra hard to ...

Heart Patients Should Take Precautions in Summer Heat

He added that some medications taken by heart patients could also cause problems in extreme heat. “Beta-blockers, which are commonly prescribed to people with heart conditions, can prevent the heart from beating as rapidly as it needs to during hot weather, thereby limiting the body’s ability to cool down,” he said.

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Nov 14, 2016 · hot and cold weather concreting 1. by ROHAN PORWAL BINEET MAURYA 2. in countries which experience extreme weather condition special problems are encountered in preparation, placement and curing of concrete. India has regions of extreme hot weather (hot –humid and hot-aird)as well as cold weather . The Indian standards dealing with extreme weather concreting are:- IS: 7861 (Part 1-1975)- Hot ...

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One way to avoid this from happening is to mix the concrete using very hot water to keep the concrete from freezing during the delivery and waiting period. ... products for cold weather concrete ...

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keep it moist until it reaches its required strength. Keeping the right amount of substance when curing concrete involves spraying or flooding the top surface of the concrete. For hot and windy weather, avoid drying out by erecting temp. wind breaks and shade. or add evap. retarders and fog the air with water.

Precautions for Cold-Weather Concreting

Precautions for Cold-Weather Concreting. ... curing and protection of concrete during winter weather. ... Suitable precautions shall be taken in cold weather to prevent concrete from freezing, including: • Heat the mixing water, but not >180 degrees F. • Avoid using frozen aggregates.

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