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Log Cabin Chinking - Materials and Tools

Chinking Look and Feel. Log Cabin Chinking definitely can add to the aesthetic appeal of your log home and with products like chinking paint the color combinations seem to be infinite. You can apply texture to your chinking, paint it a solid color or vary the degree of transparency.

Log Home Caulking, Premium or Textured Log Cabin

Log home caulking is a highly elastic sealant material that has little or no surface texture and is mainly used in smaller log joints. It is best to apply a log home stain that is compatible with the log caulking first because it will act as a primer for your log home caulking and will normally improve the overall adhesion of the log caulking ...

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May 8, 2016 - Log Cabin | Handmade Houses... with Noah Bradley. May 8, 2016 - Log Cabin | Handmade Houses... with Noah Bradley .. Saved from Log cabin Archives - Handmade ... Tiny Cabins, Cabins And Cottages, Log Cabin Homes, Rustic Cabins, Cabin In The Woods, Little Cabin, Mountain Homes, Cozy Cabin. Mary Nelson ...

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For 30 years we have been a major Canadian supplier for quality log home building and Timber Framing specialty hand tools - over 200 quality tools for Canadian craftsmen.

Perma-Chink® chinking is a stretchable log home chinking

Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured log home chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though it looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following log movement.

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Almost every log home is built with chinking. Even “chinkless” log homes (such as “Scandinavian Chinkless” homes) usually have some form of chinking. Unless you own a rare traditional chinkless notchwork cabin, your log home requires chinking maintenance as time and wear take a toll. Chinking your cabin should be a one-time job. Money, time and hard work can easily be lost without ...

Caulking & Chinking

Log Jam chinking keeps your home comfortable while keeping the weather where it belongs—outside. Log Jam chinking is the elastic sealant that handles joint movement up to 100%—even in joints up to 4" wide—while maintaining its original appearance. With superior adhesion and elasticity, Log Jam chinking is guaranteed not to crack, tear or ...

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Mar 21, 2013 - Explore krista660's board "Wood chinking walls", followed by 286 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Log homes, Log cabin living and Cabins and cottages. STAIRWAYS:Rustic Stairs Decending Into Kitchen Area In Restored Log Home ...

Log Home Floor Plans

Log Home Floor Plans. Start planning for your dream house with hundreds of free log home house plans from Log Home Living magazine. Looking for a small log cabin floor plan? How about a single-level ranch floor plan to suit your retirement plans? Want something bigger-- a lodge, or luxury log home? No matter what your needs, we've got you covered.


The Log Cabin Academy is the result of decades of concentrated effort to build the best log homes possible, and from many months of focused effort in how best to pass this knowledge on to you, all at a low price which which I feel pales in comparison to the value you will receive from this course.

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Apr 13, 2020 · In the Log Cabin Academy you will learn step-by-step how to build a log home... a dream home. ... Handmade House TV #29 "How To Chink a Log Cabin" - Duration: 10:38. Handmade Houses with Noah ...

Inspirational Log Cabin Chinking

Chinking a log cabin Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley from Log Cabin Chinking, In case you have opted to invest on log cabins, you have to be certain that you’ll only use the top quality of substances to make sure that the house you’ll be constructing is actually durable.

How to Chink Your Log Cabin; Log Cabin Chinking Techniques, Materials and Cost

Chinking a log cabin. It appears to be a very easy task. And it can be. But, it can also be tedious, awkward, time-consuming and requires lots of patience! Applying chinking to your log home yourself is entirely possible, you just need to follow basic rules and

Log Building Tools

Log Building: Hand-Forged Tools Log Building: Sharpening Log Building: Chambers Log Scriber Log Building: Squares Log Building: Lignatool Mortise and Tenon Templates Log Building: Auger Bits & Drill Bits Log Building: Drill Guides Log Building: Chain Mortisers Log Building: Chain Slotters

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While other log styles have their place, our design is incredibly strong, simple, and has the look and feel of a high-end work of log art. Our philosophy is simple: Provide the highest quality handmade log homes and related products. Meadowlark’s product line reflects decades of quality and design innovation.

The Best Log Home Chinking - Chinking and Log Sealant FAQs

For a log home, I’ve found chinking to be nearly as important as the logs themselves for insulation and protection against the weather. This is certainly not an area I would want to overlook, but choose a high quality chinking material that works the way it is supposed ...

Chinking Cedar Homes: Chinking Recipe: A Do It Yourself (DIY)

Chinking Recipe: A Do It Yourself (DIY) Homemade Mixture Chinking products can be made from a solution similar to a cement mixture. In fact, it can be done on your own provided you have the proper tools and materials. In this way, ...

Traditional Log Home Floor Plans

Traditional log homes in this style often feature squared logs with wide bands of light-colored chinking showing between the log courses. Browse our free traditional log home floor plans to find the perfect cabin plan.

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On exterior chinking it is vital that the chinking be tucked back from the face of the log on top and flush with the log on the bottom… if you don’t do this you will allow water infiltration and rot out your logs. Your goal is a perfectly smooth chink joint. You want your eye to go to the logs not your chinking.


Browse Plans Been Dreaming of a Log Home? GREATLAND LOG HOMES offers log home plans and log home kits to help you build your dream log home or log cabin. GreatLand offers the finest custom full-round Handcrafted Log Homes at exceptionally competitive pricing.

Log cabin maintenance costs; the definitive guide to cabin maintenance

Owning and living in a log cabin is a fantastic and privileged experience; being surrounded by such a beautiful, natural and rustic environment can provide you with such tranquil feelings. Having visited hundreds of log homes and being fortunate to own a log cabin, one ...

Homemade Chinking

Homemade chinking is the process of creating your own cement-like solution to fill in cracks in a log home. There are many ways to make a solution, but two mixtures in particular offer the stability of commercial mixtures with the cost effectiveness of a homemade substance.

Log Cabin Chinking Repair Made Easy

Log Cabin Chinking Repair Made Easy Learn how Maryan Mcamey and her husband fixed their depression-era log cabin using this fantastic, fool-proof log cabin chinking repair recipe. By Maryan McCamey

Chinking and Caulking for Your Log

Whether a home needs chinking depends on the log profile or building system you choose. It is required between log courses on homes that are designed with a horizontal gap between the logs. Chinking is clearly visible on the surface of the log walls and is both decorative and functional.

Log Jam Chinking - 5 Gal. - FREE SHIPPING*

Log Jam Chinking - 5 Gallons. FREE SHIPPING - BEST PRICE GUARENTEED. Look no further this is the best price anywhere! Whether you are building a new log home or giving a facelift to an old one, Log Jam’s proven formula is the log chinking industry’s recognized standard for synthetic chinking.

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Hello from Georgia I am seeking reviews on Noah Bradley's handmade log cabin course. It contains 11, one hour videos on how to build a log cabin, for 397 bucks. For an additional 200 bucks, he has a stonemason and timber frame course, along with 3 hand drawn log home plans.The reviews on his Facebook page seem like they're from people that have only watched his free videos, thus …

Chinking Costs

Chinking Costs rreidnauer is right latex and other flexible types are expensive 5 bucks installed may be a good deal, I got a friend who built used latex of some sort applied it from a bag, alot like a cake decarator uses, it cost him a fortune

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Caribou Creek is a master builder of fully customized handcrafted log homes and heavy timber construction. We serve both national and international clients from our headquarters nestled in the beautiful, rugged mountains of North Idaho.

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Chinking vs. log-on-log homes I have heard that the log on log homes are more energy efficient; I would like your feedback on this issue. A log on log system contains slightly more "mass" than a log home with chinking. An average R-Value for a six inch thick log is R-8.04, regardless of log on log or chink style.

Video: How to Repair Chinking on Your Log Home

Owning a log home requires occasional maintenance — especially with your log home’s chinking.. You can save yourself time and money on repeated maintenance by using proper troweling technique when you’re chinking, and by not using too much water or alcohol in the solution so it bonds properly to the wood.

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Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured log home chinking that seals the open gaps between logs and comes in a variety of colors to match your style! Perma-Chink's Lifeline Ultra 2 is a durable log home finish with color and protection that lasts for years. Designed for exterior use, its two coat finish will amaze you!

Log Home Chinking Log Cabin Backer Rod Insulation Tips

Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc specializes in Log Home Chinking, Log Cabin Backer Rod Insulation Tips and many more services! ... Backer Rod and Chinking Log Homes ...


Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking is a durable, flexible, textured, pure acrylic chinking and sealant for gaps 1 inch or larger on log homes. Log Home Supplies, Stain, Chinking & Caulking products, tools for Sale Log Jam Chinking - 29 oz Case of 10 Tubes Architecture – Enjoy the Great Outdoors! Герметик для дерева.

Chinking for Log Homes | Log Home Chinking Myths

In fact, chinking can boost the R-value (a measure of heat transfer) of a chink joint to almost the R-value at the log's center. MYTH 2: Chinking will not last. This was basically true of the older cement-based chinking materials, which had relatively low bond strength and no elasticity.

Cement chinking

There's stain spilled on the chinking in our old log cabin, and it just looks brownish-red like the logs, and a little... satiny, I guess. I can't imagine that it would look particularly attractive on all the chinking, since both the chink zones in there and in our new house have 2" plus chink zone widths.

What is the best chinking material?

What is the best chinking material? Every time that I write a post, or create a video, on “How I Chink a Log Cabin” my inbox will quickly fill-up with emails telling me about how wrong I am in using cement for chinking, and then go on to inform me of the wonders of synthetic chinking (it seems there is only one… it moves).

Log Builder Caulking (12) 10.5oz Tubes - Chinking, Log Home

Sashco Log Builder Caulk Sealant for Log Homes . Since most logs move within the first few years after building due to moisture loss and shrinkage, it is crucial to start out caulking your log home using the right product—Sashco Log Builder.

Chinking a log cabin - Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley

I agree, it may not look like old cement based chinking, but it lasts and it seals the home far better than old chinking.. The houses I chinked 18 years ago are still holding up great. There may have been a few patches after the logs settled, but that is it. We use Log Jam here. I am familiar many brands.

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